- About the Artist -

Hope Moore creates interactive media art. Living in Pittsburgh, she is a recent Masters of Fine Arts graduate in Communication Media Arts at Ohio University with a focus in Virtual and Augmented Reality and Digital Games and Animation.

Most recently, Hope has been creating interactive educational and social environments, looking at how the added dimension of depth in immersive technologies changes the way people interact with digital and physical media. She strives to contribute to an evolving understanding of what an educational space can be.

She loves taking art to another dimension and connecting creative ideas through interactive digital and physical environments. She wants to make still images move, make moving art controllable, and make flat things have depth. The world is a sandbox, so why not use art and stories to learn through exploration and play? Why not bring our ideas, thoughts, and dreams into the physical world, learning new things in the process? Why not make a version that's too tall, too fast, too slow, too backward, too inside out? It's through playful experiments and meaningful messes that we start understanding how everything is connected.

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