- Musical Un-Balance Board -

This idea came from an wanting to combine physical movement, music, and light. Created for a sculpture class, the balance board plays a specific note and shines a specific color based on the position it is tilted. Participants can try to stand on it, sit on it, or simply move it around to create music and fill the room with light.

Built with PVC and wood, this was the first time I used a chop saw and laser cutting, creating the design in Adobe Illustrator. The sound, led lights, and gyroscope/accelerometer were all controlled by an Arduino Mega microcontroller.

Special thanks to testers Owen Lowery, Nina Adjanin, Medrine Nyambura, Ye Huo, Russell James, Warren Stratton, nice strangers in Scripps Hall, and the autumn 2019 sculpture I class. Also, thanks to the CREATE_space's laser cutter techs and the College of Fine Arts Woodshop staff.

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