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Rememblocks VR is an immersive experience that uses simple shapes and techniques to encourage participants, both new and familiar with VR, to play and engage with a virtual environment.

There is no need to know how to use the controller buttons or learn commands - all one has to do is tap objects with their digital mallets.

Blending the extrinsic goals of a common memory game with the intrinsic goals of free play, Rememblocks VR offers an opportunity for players to test their memory. Each level requires more movement to succeed. Failures are rewarded with randomized "fail states" where blocks will explode, float, and fall.

How a player chooses to interact is up to them!

I created the game as an example of something the Digital Sideshow visitors could make using their growing skills in programming, coding, and 3D game design.

Currently available on itch.io


The following video was created for the 2020 Ohio University Virtual Student Research and Creative Expo
showing levels 1 through 6 and some of the fails:

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