- Tuning Out the Interference -

We are always looking toward the future--curious about what's on the horizon. Often hopeful and excited for what will come, these positive feelings can be drowned out by negative ones. We are facing climate change, economic changes, international power upheaval, and more. The 24-hour media and politicians know the fear of the future will benefit them so it's usually what we hear and talk about the most.

Tuning Out the Interference is an interactive media art project that allows participants to tune in to positive messages about our future by tuning out the negative "interference."

Participants used dials to choose a topic and to change the visuals and audio presented on a screen. The further away from a hopeful message, the audio becomes chaotic and overlapping with jolting transitions. The video becomes fuzzy, distorted, and overlapping. As the participant gets closer to dialing into the hopeful message, the audio and video becomes clearer and transitions become more pleasant.

The goal is to have participants start "tuning in" mentally to the hopeful messages hidden in the fearful ones we see and hear everyday.

Technology + Mediums Used

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Credits and Special Thanks

Clips used included scenes from Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, CBS News, National Geographic, DW News, South China Morning Post, PBS, Vice, Viceland, Vice News, Vox, CNET, WOUB, WTAP, and others.
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