Music [Sticky] Notes is an environmental augmented reality exhibit that turns sticky notes into musical notes.

Built in TouchDesigner, the height of the sticky note on the wall determines the height of the musical note played. Each color plays a different instrument, allowing participants to mix sounds or have multiple melodies overlap visually, but played individually.

Having a physical item for participants to touch and place to make a visual outcome and create a digital melody combines three senses to expand an interpretation of music notes on a scale.

This piece was exhibited at the Toronto Kids Digital Festival in March 2019, running for three days, and later at the 2020 Inclusive Science Day hosted by the Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery.

Families interacted with the piece in many ways: they created songs, experimented with the technology, learned motor skills, left messages, and created visual designs. The interface made the project easy to calibrate and allowed participants to select which instruments they heard as they watched a "scanner line" read an image of the wall.

In addition to the main goals, participants also explored how the technology works, leaving with a sense of accomplishment and desire to explore augmented reality.


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Derivative TouchDesigner



Sticky Notes


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