Turbulent Minds was a three-part exhibit that demonstrates symptoms of psychological conditions through the use of technology.

The first part had users experience auditory hallucinations. They are prompted to wear headphones and have a conversation with another person for 3-5 min. During the conversation, sounds start to play at random intervals, locations, volume, and frequencies. Eventually, sounds from the environment are played back with similar randomness. The participant feels the struggle of trying to hear and pay attention to the conversation as someone with this symptom might experience.

The second part had users experience some of the debilitating effects of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It is a playable PC game environment that appears as a small apartment. The player wakes up in the game and given the goal to get ready and leave for work on time. Certain environmental triggers will prompt the user to check on the stove, the lock, or whether they left the milk out. They might get prompted to wash their hands or fix books that have fallen. If the prompt is ignored, the prompt becomes more invasive leading to "intrusive thoughts" that appear in the environment and limit the ability to do anything until the original prompt is satisfied.

The third part was a representation of a time when I was depressed and suicidal. Not all depression feels like sadness, sometimes it's a feeling of no motivation, feeling trapped, and wondering "what's the point?" Using a Samsung Gear 360 headset and a controller, users moved through an endless dull hallway. Eventually, they would feel bored, trapped, and unmotivated to continue and would remove the headset - in a way, ending the "game."

Collaborating with Dr. Brett J. Peters, the exhibit was shown as part of Open OHIO's Navigating Turbulence exhibition that brings art to public spaces for discussion of local issues.


Technology & Mediums Used

Derivative TouchDesigner


Zoom H3-VR


Autodesk Maya

Unity 3D


Android Studio


Samsung Gear VR Headset

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