I have been an AR/VR Developer for the Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID Lab) at Ohio University since summer 2018 and have worked with multiple teams and projects.

AR Posters

This is an ongoing project involving creating interactive scannable posters created to recruit high school students to Scripps College of Communication. The poster featured a 360 video tour, alumni interviews, and university club videos. We created the poster in both HP Reveal and Vuforia and tested ideas in Snapchat. I helped create the looping video interface that appears along with the "Experience" animation.

Birch Models

This was a short experiment using 3D models from CT scans provided by Scott Birch, CEO of Pixelbeaker. We were to test how the models would import and could be used in Unity and the speed of providing another use for the models other than 3D printing. In the end, I made "fun" scenes involving walking and crawling through the models that I still use today to show educators how scale and immersive space can be used to engage learners.

Rukwa Rift

We worked with Ohio University's paleontology department to create a VR experience where participants can explore a Tanzanian landscape and see animals and trees that existed 25 million years ago. They could even go underwater and up a hillside. We developed it in Unity using the Steam VR plugin to allow participants to walk around both in space and with teleportation. I was part of the development team that worked on teleportation and animal control and navigation.

Technology & mediums used:

Special thanks to:

GRID Lab Staff:
  • John Bowditch, Director
  • Anthony Zoccola, Project Manager
- AR Poster -
- Birch Models -
  • Logan Sinnett

- Rukwa Rift -
  • Jessie Robinson (Developer)
  • Logan Sinnett (3D Modeling and Animation)
  • Alyssa Stahl (3D Modeling and Animation)
  • Reilly Zink (3D Modeling and Animation)
  • Matt Kelsch (Practicum Student)
  • Spencer Rosenberger (Practicum Student, Developer)
  • Jacob Simon (Practicum Student, 3D Animation and Modeling)

GRID Lab Partners:
  • Scott Birch, CEO, Pixelbeaker
  • Sarah Logue, Director of Student Recruitment and Communication, Scripps College of Communication
  • Sarah Roush, Media Specialist, Scripps College of Communication
  • Nancy Stevens, Department of Biomedical Sciences

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