The Lantern is the Ohio State University student-run newspaper. I started serving as a volunteer photojournalist for the paper in November 2007 and continued as a staff photographer throughout spring 2008. In the summer, I was hired as an Editor and continued as the Multimedia Editor for the following two quarters.

As the multimedia editor, I oversaw two excellent assistant multimedia editors and had the opportunity to provide training for a class of 25 students (usually on an individual basis) on a variety of multimedia skills from creating slideshows to audio/video production. The multimedia team also ran the newspaper's website and social media accounts.

Technology & mediums used:

  • Canon and Nikon DSLRs
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Audacity
  • College Publisher (CMS)
  • Flickr
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Special thanks to:

For support and inspiration:
  • Donnie Clark
  • Charlie Mars-Mahlau
  • Michael Paull
For opportunities and support: