For our History and Trends in AI, AR, and VR in Education class, we presented on, discussed, and explored different types of immersive technology being used in education. Our main projects were finding ways to use these technologies to help a local educational organization. My group provided services to Shade Community Center in Shade, Ohio. I remodeled their Wix website, organized and created some social media spaces, created an Alexa chatbot, and provided 360 photography of the center.

Technology & mediums used:

  • Alexa Devices
  • Alexa Skills Kit
  • AWS Lambda
  • JavaScript
  • Samsung Gear 360 camera
  • Samsung Gear 360 mobile app
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Wix
  • Facebook
  • Flickr

Special thanks to:

For support and testing:
  • Nina Adanin
  • Gail Jordan
  • Greg Kessler
  • Sarah McCorkle
  • Jen Parsons
  • Jesse Strycker
  • Xiaorui Sun
For opportunities and support: