Sibyl was a play written by Trip Venturella and directed by Alan Patrick Kenny about members of an organization dealing in looking into minds search for a missing coworker. It ran as part of the 25th Annual Playwrights' Festival in April 2019.

The play was written with projection in mind and I was brought on as Assistant Projection Designer, working with Owen Lowery. Using Scenic Designer Nathan Arnold's blueprints of the stage and paper models from design meetings, I created a 3D model of the set in Maya. Owen and I brought it into TouchDesigner, which allowed us to test and demo our ideas for the space even before the set was built. Our view of the stage was limited, so this setup plus the custom user interface allowed us to adjust projections as needed.

Technology & mediums used:

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Derivative TouchDesigner
  • Microsoft Kinect

Sibyl Cast and Crew:

  • Trip Venturella, playwright
  • Alan Patrick Kenny, director
  • Les.........Nick Wilson
  • Dixi........Manda Neal
  • Professor...Zach Brueneman
  • Sibyl.......Abby McNulty
  • Hank........Seth Eggenschwiller
Production Staff:
  • Nathan Arnold, Scenic Designer
  • Grace Bunt, Costume Designer
  • Howard Leuthold, Lighting Director
  • Owen Lowery, Projection Designer
  • Daniel C. Dennis, Sound Designer
  • Raine DeDominici, Stage Manager
  • Grayson Basina, Technical Director
  • Cass Huscher, Costume Shop Manager
  • Stephanie Kesterson, Assistant Scenic Designer
  • Hope Moore, Assistant Projection Designer
  • Julianna Simons, Assistant Stage Manager
  • Emma Havranek, Master Electrician
Supported by the Game Reseach and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab and the MFA in Communication Media Arts program.