During summer semester 2018, I worked as a developer in Ohio University's Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID Lab) and attended a weekly Augmented Reality (AR) Workshop. Before this, I created created projects that incorporated 360-degree photography.

AR Bowling
AR Bowling allows the user to bowl on their table. I created it with Unity, C#, and the Vuforia AR plugin. The bowling pin model is by Google Poly.

Dream Pandas AR
Dream Pandas AR was an experiment with low-poly modeling and instantiation using Unity and Vuforia. The original heart model is by Google Poly.

Simple Simon
To work on coding for a later Simon-like project, I created Simple Simon using Unity and C#. I plan to have versions in both augmented and virtual reality.

In Plain Sight
Test in Unity of an AR project where the user would find a trigger image, then use sliders to make an object change. When done in the correct order, a message is revealed. I plan on using something like this in an ARG. I created the video materials in TouchDesigner and created a custom shader that allows the transparency to be controlled with sliders.

Haunted Haning
Haunted Haning was an experimental solution to documenting a Halloween decoration contest held in Haning Hall in October 2017. Each floor competed against each other and when the judging started, I wanted to find a way to document the hard work everyone did. I chose to use 360 photos to capture spaces, but most of those who would want to look at the images would not know how to view them or navigate through all of them individually. As a solution, I created a digital "walkthrough" of the building in Unity 3D using red orbs to link from one 360 photosphere to another. The user can use their mouse or keyboard arrows to look around in all directions.

To learn new skills, I continue to create projects just for fun.

Technology & mediums used:

  • Unity
  • Vuforia
  • Steam VR
  • TouchDesigner
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • C#
  • ShaderLab
  • Samsung HMD Odyssey
  • Samsung Gear 360

Special thanks to:

For support, testing, and inspiration:
  • Kellye Blosser
  • Adonis Durado
  • Owen Lowery
  • Michael W. Moore
  • Beth Novak
  • Eric Williams

For opportunities and support: