From 2004-2006, I attended classes at Columbus State Community College for Interactive Multimedia Technology: Digital Audio/Video Production where our work involved all aspects of independent filmmaking including screenwriting, storyboarding, casting, directing, filming, recording, editing, and effects. I have worked with other groups and filmmakers over the years since then.

Short Film

"Relapse" was a collaborative student film project for the Advanced Video Production course that ran spring quarter 2006.

Music Videos

"Love Glistens" and "Cause and Effect" were music videos I created for the Music Video Production course that ran summer quarter 2005. I wrote, directed, shot, and edited each video and my friends served as actors. In summer 2013, I provided videography for Murnane Tribe and their video Hallucinations.

"Love Glistens" by sethDavid features a protagonist who meets a girl, but they go off their own way. Throughout the day, he sees himself in the life he could have had if he had asked her out. Later, he bumps into her again in a similar way and he asks he out this time and they leave together.

"Cause and Effect" by Ordinary Peoples features two people making poor decisions that finally catch up with them.

Technology & mediums used:

  • Canon DSLRs
  • Avid Xpress
  • Avid ProTools

Relapse Credits:

Directors and Cinematographers: Randy Burkhardt, Jim Higgins, Danny Marchi, Hope Moore, Jim Petty, Chris Smyth, and Tom Ullom

Screenplay by Jim Petty

Executive Director: Jim Petty
Executive Producer: Jim Higgins

Music by: Mike Wojniak, DJ Self, Morphiend Music, and Diet

Randy Burnhardt as Brian
Nathan Marchese as Nate
Dave Kneerman as Dan
Jim Higgins as Det. Johnson
Ashley Raynes as Christy
Misty Dewitt as Mary
Danny Marci as the public defender and Brian's boss
Tom Ullom as Det. Miller
Jim Petty, Mark Rhoads, Anthony Bell, Keith Lawson, and Parke Nicholson as junkies
Jessica Liss and Sandy Reed as girls at the NA meeting

Special thanks to:
Columbus Police Department
Pataskala Police Department
First Congregational Church
Central Video
and others

Love Glistens Credits:

Music by sethDavid
Actors: Valerie Hilde, J. Ward, Matt Lester, Kierston McKenzie

Cause and Effect Credits:

Music by sethDavid
Actors: Valerie Hilde, J. Ward, Matt Lester, Kierston McKenzie