Kid’s Stuff

My best friend, Diane* and I were in the eighth grade (we are both now in 10th). In the middle school cafeteria, this guy I’m friends with, Scott*, let me barrow 20 crayons (mostly pastel and really cool). At the table, I was talking to this junior I met a while ago at school, his name is Rick*. I was talking about how I’m glad to get out of the middle school so I don’t have to deal with the sixth and seventh graders (usually I’m not this mean! I have great friends in sixth and seventh [now, eighth and ninth] grade) and he said he didn’t have to because he’ll be a senior. Then, my friend and I saw this kiddie toy sitting on the counter nearby  and we started to play with it. We stopped because it was stupid and simple. It was something about cows and a farm.

Later, I was in a room on the floor in the school. I had a Styrofoam cup with chocolate milk. I started to drink it, but spit it out because it had tons of rice in it. I mentioned it to Scott, who was wearing a red shirt, and he got up and told me to come with him. He started helping me, in case I had trouble walking (sweet, huh?). I told him I could walk and he asked me if I was sure. I said yes.

He led me to a place and later to an apartment. We went down a few separate stairs to get there. When we got there, there were tons of snakes (maybe from that snake movie I saw last night: Silent Predators on TBS). All I saw were dead ones and the they were all dried out. The the ground was rocky and dusty. Scott went inside and told me to stay outside. While outside, I saw two little crab-looking things crawling together. Later, Scott walked out grabbed my left arm by the elbow and took me back up the stairs and back to the parking lot where we started.

I accidentally threw something toward a truck or car that I was supposed to get in. Scott went toward the school and I said thank you. He looked back and smiled. I don’t know why, but then, I picked up this 20+ ft. tall pole that was red and took it to the truck or car.

Then I woke up!

* Names have been changed.

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