I’ve Been Abducted by Aliens!

I was like in the high school auditorium sitting behind Diane* and I said something like, “I’ve been abducted by aliens, I know it!”

I can’t remember all else who was there, except this guy, Noah*.

Then, I was in Mr. Lenny’s* classroom facing the wrong way when Dan* sat down two or three desks away. Everyone started humming this tune and I did, too. I can’t remember what it was, though. I asked why were we just humming that and they said it had something to do with this girl’s death.

Then, I was in the auditorium sitting near a friend. There was a loud mouth 5-7 year old behind me. We were at an assembly and I was afraid the speaker, a lady, was going to tell a secret about me. I had a bath towel over my head, so no one could recognize me. I tried sleeping in the chair, but couldn’t. Then, the speaker came up and gave me and four other people free tape cassettes.

Later in my dream, Sammy*, a friend of Scott*, was over at my house for my birthday (it’s in about two weeks) and he brought three kinds of meat (all with weird names). Sammy, my mom, and I ate sandwiches. Sammy wasn’t feeling too well, so I covered him up with a blanket. He was on the couch and said that I was going to cover him up “like a dog.” He said thanks.

Later, I was lying on the couch with him.

I lost track with the rest of the dream.

* Names have been changed

Note: The original title used for the Dream Directory was “Loud Mouth.”

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