Eight of You are Going to Die

It started out with one big alligator, then the rest were all crocodiles.

Well, the dream started out with a dusty road and a truck. Some men were putting an alligator in the truck facing the back. I remember dust being kicked up in the air. The truck was moving slow, so I walked behind it. The poor alligator looked sad and I said something like, “Sorry, I had to do this.” and petted it on its nose.

Just then, two police cars filled with drunk people side by side drove down a hill. I flagged them down to stop, so they did. This is where the weird thing happened…

I got a flash of the police folks getting in a gunfight and six people being shot. There was also something about a little kid climbing the tree nearby and the mother tries to get him, but they both fall in the water.

So I yelled out to the people standing by, “Eight of you are going to die, so be careful!”

They looked at me weird and then they sobered up a little. The boy climbed the tree, but the mother got help and got him down safely.

I turned around and apparently the alligator chewed through the wire door of the cage (the truck had stopped) and it was halfway out of the truck. The driver was getting mad, but the alligator crawled back to a nearby stream. Then, these crocodiles started to come out and scared everyone.

I somehow knew when those crocodiles would come out and where and then, my vision changed. The crocodiles turned into geometric shapes, such as a triangle for a head and a bulls eye of ovals for the body. I jumped up and down to distract them and from head on they looked like hats.

Well, my vision cleared up and the head fisherman guy or something drove me and some others back to an office or house on a pier. We were trying to figure out what we were going to do. Then, I sensed a crocodile outside the place and to the right. It ended up being just a mutant dog.

The head fish dude’s dog was slowly changing into an alligator or crocodile. The dog’s head was covered in green scales. The head fish dude said, “Are you sure that’s my dog?” Then, the dog started talking mentally and only the head fish dude and I could understand him. The dog kept making wisecracks about being the head fish dude’s dog.

We looked at some papers and the fish dude read out loud, “‘Radiation testing, please move guests south.’ Why did I just get this letter today?” I looked at a black and white Xeroxed brochure and the head fish dude said to spruce it up, so I agreed. I remember it saying something about the “best spot.”

Then, I remember later that there was the girl that was in love with the fish dude and she looked a lot like the main girl on Lake Placid. She kept carrying around this little paper booklet thingy until a crocodile almost ate her, making her drop it.

Later, I remember walking down a pier and someone said it was hot. This man and women said they would turn the water fans on. I wanted to see what they were talking about, so I followed them, to help them. The guy and the girl took off their life jackets. I didn’t want to because it could save my life. So the “water fans” were these huge fan type devices floating in the water. The couple and I jumped in. Just then, a small crocodile jumped up on the dock area.

We had to get the fan started, so we pushed against this black tube with our feet and the fan started moving. It was fun to ride and the fans would move around in the water. Also, for some reason, I felt I had to get off the next time we came by the dock.

So I waited and jumped off at the dock. Still in the water, I grabbed ahold of the dock and that pesky little crocodile was still there. It was small, but it could have still hurt me. So I swam to the side of the dock and pulled the little guy back into the water. Then, I quickly tried to climb on the dock. It was impossible. So I called for help and this blond guy jumped in the water from a near by dock. People kept telling him not to because his scent would attract the crocodiles.

He tried to help me swim over, but I said I could probably do it. So we got up on the other dock and I moved out of the way, knowing a crocodile was coming. It did and went after the guy. So the guy took off his shirt and put it on the dock to distract it. He kicked the shirt into the water and the crocodile dived in after it.

The rest was an episode of Boy Meets World.

Note: The original title used for the Dream Directory was “Watch Out!”

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