Being Held Hostage

Our class, or maybe the whole school was being held hostage. We later found out that the people holding us hostage were aliens.

Their leader, a girl, somehow built on an extra huge wing the school. I told one of the hostage takers, I had to go to the restroom. So one of them stood outside the restroom while I went.

The guy alien dude took me back to class and said the number 400. I think I was in Mrs. Hall’s* (my fourth and fifth grade English teacher) class and she got mad at me for leaving. I sat down by Tammi* (who moved to Circleville in waking life).

Mrs. Hall said the code to get rid of their leader was 0-7-0-8-6 or 7-7-0-7-0-8-6. She said something about the youngest person. I was one of the youngest, but not the youngest.

I was sitting in first row. She first got the third row to stand up and go out of the room. Then, the second. Then, us, all saying “0-7-0-8-6” in unison.

I didn’t see where they went in, so I got lost and looked around. That wing that was built was cool. The 3D pictures on the wall would change as to walked by. Too bad it was just of their leader. It looked as if she could breathe under water.

I looked around some more. It looked like a mall even with snackbars. I found a class, but it ended up being Mrs. Franklin’s* (my eighth grade English teacher) class, so I walked back.

I noticed that the air was thicker. Walking was harder, like if I were walking through water. I walked around the building a few times through the halls and everything.

Then, I stopped and saw James* in this weird looking green leprechaun outfit. I knew he was in my class and saw my class start coming out of a classroom.

I tried to follow after them. It was so weird and it was all in slow motion. We were running as if through water. People turned into animations of The Little Mermaid, but I just thought it was a trick and decided to keep running.

They turned back and looked at this candy stand. It had the number “07086,” but then changed to “100,000,000” or “100,000,000,000.”

Then I woke up.

But from an earlier dream..

I was with the Roundhouse crew, but didn’t know that until they started singing the theme song. I got back into the audience. I found out later I was in a Wendy’s. I remember calling home on a pay phone and I had a bunch of change.

In another dream I was looking at pictures of me and my friends.

* Names have been changed.

Note: The original title used for the Dream Directory was “Hostage.”

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