Psycho Girl and Scott Performs

Psycho Girl

First, I remember eating something sitting next to this psycho girl about my age. I had this feeling that she was going to try to kill me, so I picked up two forks and put one in my pocket. The girl tried to attack me, but I tried stabbing her right arm with one of the forks. It didn’t break the skin. I jumped off the table we were sitting on and started running. She ran after me and caught me, so I tried stabbing her again. This time, it broke a little skin and she let me go. I remember running around this stage like area. I ran by tables, through back rooms, turned left, ran, turned left, ran up some stairs to a stage thing, turned left, ran down some stairs, and ran into the table that I ran by earlier. Then, the psycho killer girl grabbed a fireplace poker and went after me with it. I fought back.

Scott Performs

In my next dream, I was in an auditorium with friends. I was supposed to take pictures. People came in and the show started. There were about 10-15 people that were supposed to perform, one of which was Scott*.

I don’t remember much, except Scott making the audience laugh. Then, I remember him dragging a red or pink ½ inch thick cord behind him and in cursive it said my name and someone’s I couldn’t read. Someone said it was supposed to be current or past relationships and I said, I never went out with him, which is true. Then, Scott bundled the cord up and tried carrying it while also holding something striped and rolled up underneath his chin.

He walked across the stage. People crowded around and I got in front to take pictures. Later, I remember going backstage where they were showing a movie Scott was in. I always thought he would be a good actor. In the movie, he acted like an old guy reading a newspaper and yelling at someone in the other room while going to the bathroom. All they showed was his feet, which had brown fuzzy slippers on, and his face, which looked like a 20-year-old with movie make up on to make him look old. I also remember being in Mrs. Green’s* room talking about something funny that Scott did.

* Names have been changed.

Note: The original title used for the Dream Directory was “Psycho Killer Girl.”

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