The Act of Not Knowing

Earlier Dream

Off the coast of Florida, there was supposedly a Loch Ness-like creature that was the size of a blue whale (which is like, 100 feet long). The dream was like a movie and me and some other divers were down deep in the ocean in a submarine. We saw something move on our radar. It was not your regular kind of radar — it was like a line graph or something. It showed a big animal and and the head guy said, “I think it’s a blue whale.”

It swam near us and we saw something that was like a computer animated aquatic animal that looked like a cross between a manatee, a blue whale, a crocodile, and a platypus. It had really big razor sharp teeth protruding on both sides of his mouth. Before it came into clear view, the head guy said, “What are those diamond shaped things on its mouth?” They ended up being teeth.

Later, I was on the beach and was talking to this guy and girl. I was barefoot and pushed a small shell into the sand with my big toe of my right foot. The couple were lying on beach towels on a cliff-type place. It was 4 ft. high where the beach eroded away and I was leaning against it. The couple was falling in love. I was just about to go out swimming when a miniature version of the monster came out. So did this other guy who I think was somehow connected with the monster.

He walked up to the “cliff” and told the guy what he was going to be when he grows up. He told the girl, “You are going to be a doctor, AND an architect.” He put the emphasis on the “and” I asked him, “What am I gonna be when I grow up?” He ignored me and started telling the guy and girl how they might be in love now, but soon, she doesn’t know just how much she is going to hate him.

He started to walk off and I asked him, “Why won’t you tell me what I’m gonna be when I get older?”

He paused for a second and turned to me and said with a sly smile on his face, “The act of not knowing is what drives you.” and swam off with the monster.

Recent dreams

There were three:

1 –

All I remember of one is something going wrong with my class schedule and I had two study halls. I don’t like study halls, so I looked for something I could take during those periods. I signed up for botany classes or something and didn’t want those classes. I didn’t know what I wanted to take and I remembered talking to the science or botany teacher. She asked me what I wanted to be and I said something to do with visual and performing arts and technology. She said if I like botany so much, I should be a scientist and stuff.

2 –

Second dream was kinda like the movie, Night of the Creeps, that I saw a few weeks ago, except the critters were tan and scorpion-like. They could burrow through your skin without leaving a mark. It took five days before the critters would take over your brain and have a mind of their own. Five days after that, your body would explode into hundreds of these critters. Maybe I dreamed this because I have to think of a virus analogy story for science.

What I remember of the dream was that someone’s body exploded. To escape, I ran backwards into an elevator of a building and the pressed up button. The doors closed and I sighed a breath of relief. I looked over at the buttons and there was a Nintendo Gameboy (the original black and white dot matrix one) screen with the blueprint of the floor of the building I was on. I saw that there were also left and right buttons. That confused me and so I wanted to see what would happen if I pressed one.

I pressed left and, on the screen, I saw a square that I guessed was the elevator move left through a hallway-type thing. It got to the end and stopped and the doors opened. I saw “Police Office” on one of the walls in a neat font, but the “P” was hanging weird. I don’t know why, but I smiled and pressed the right button. The doors closed and I saw the square go right. When it got closer to the other side of the building, the room borders got thicker. The screen said something about that rooms being locked and went left automatically back to the police office.

I pressed the right button again and it did the same thing, only this time it made weird mechanical noises. The next thing I knew, I was outside and it was late afternoon kinda dark and cool. My friend, Amanda, came out of the building and said, “They’ve gotten inside me and it hard to keep my thoughts. Someone else’s are interfering with mine.” She was erratic and scared. I said I didn’t know how to help her. She ran into a nearby building.

I ran after her and looked in the door and said, “But just think, the supporting actress has a 50/50 chance of living! And that’s pretty good for a movie like this!” I always am trying to guess who’s gonna be alive at the end of the movie. Of course, I was gonna be, because I was the main character.

When I woke up, I thought why couldn’t we use hypnosis or have them fall asleep and have their original consciousness come out of their body? That we can get rid of the critters and then, wake them up.


My other dream was about this psychiatrist and her patient that fell in love. Just before they kissed, some girl that didn’t want them to get together came up with a plan to stop them.

It was weird, but it worked. She came into the room and yelled, “Makeover!” and some people led the doctor and patient out of the room. The patient (that was somewhat bald) said, “I want a makeover!” The doctor, which was a blond model with medium length straight hair, said, “I just want a trim.” Later, I was in a car with the model (she was in the driver’s seat, but I remember controlling the wheel).

We were about to leave when this guy came up to the doctor’s side. She rolled down her window halfway and they said something. She didn’t like him, so she rolled up the window. It was pouring down rain and the streets were sort of flooded. We took off and I remember being in control of the vehicle. It was going really fast and the wheel was hard to turn I was slipping and sliding on the flooded streets. We went a little off the road once, dodging cars and mostly COTA buses like the one we almost hit getting onto the road.

Then, in an intersection, a small semi truck was perpendicular to the road I was on. All of a sudden, this muddy river of flood water hit the truck, which directed the water to rush my way.

Then I woke up.

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