Warewolves and Downtown Condos

I remember looking for a condo with Matt and Jennifer. We were at an open house and a tour with others. The city was larger and more gritty, but the condo we were in was like the pretty blue one in Columbus, but the blocks were red, blue, yellow, and white and reminded me of a Piet Mondrian painting. I explained to the others that in another dream, a small train would pass through the first level in the future.

A young blonde girl was with us and she was afraid of werewolves. However, she was slowly turning into a werewolf and in my dream, every once in a while she would howl or growl and her face would change shape. It didn’t cause her pain, but she was scared. Others were scared, too, but I wasn’t. I told her about a hot guy her age that was also a warewolf and later tried to hook them up.

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