Lucid Dreams, but Fighting It

I drank alcohol last night and ended up sleeping for 10 hours, but not remembering any dreams and did not feel rested at all.

So I went back to sleep and, due to caffeine withdraw and low blood sugar, got a bad headache. I think that’s what caused me to lucid dream.

I wasn’t freaked out like when I normally lucid dream, but a few things kept me from staying in them.

One was dreaming I still lived on Wall Street and walked to my car in my normal legal parking spot. Some weird fog came down Columbus Street and engulfed my car. I realized I was dreaming and made it dissipate by turning on my windshield wipers. I drove down Columbus and got onto High Street just to see what I could do and where I could go in the dream. But then I got this nagging feeling that I needed to quit dreaming about familiar things before I started getting “stuck” in the dream. Before waking up, I remembered there were tall buildings in the background that moved around like a video game.

In another lucid dream, I was living in this apartment, but I had agreed to have Matt move in as a roommate due to some emergency and we split up the tiny place into each of us having a room. He got the living room and designed it nicely. I convinced myself that I was not only dreaming, but I was seeing into the future. I kept asking Matt, who was using his laptop on a small dining room table, “What’s the date? What year is it?” He kept looking at me like I was crazy.

I remember eating some food that was on a table near the kitchen.

Eventually, I went back into my bedroom saying, “Well, I’m going back to the past, now!” And he repeated it, amused at the strangeness.

I remember throughout that dream, I fought to stay in it and keep it going.

In another dream, I can’t remember all the details, but Kara’s cousin, Sarah, told me something she was told in confidence and I couldn’t understand why it was a secret. It was about Betty* “scooping up” Tim*. I pictured her comically picking up Tim like some firefighter. I know it was probably that she (as evil as she is) pounced on Tim when he was single again. I’m sure that happened in another dream a LOOOONG time ago.

In another lucid dream, I tried to focus on details to keep it going. However, all I could remember before I forced myself up to eat, was a glass door with credit card symbols on it, a payphone, and a black mat on the floor with a curled up edge.

* Names were changed.

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