Texan Troll

Joke title.

Basically, I was sitting at a picnic table surrounded by small groups of people. I recognized some people from high school, but they weren’t friends.

There was a guy (the only way I can describe his appearance was “Average IT Nerd”, average height, average weight, brown hair, brown eyes, basically looks similar to a lot of friends I’ve had in the IT field) who was going around annoying people just to see their reaction. It was as if he knew he was in a dream space and decided to have fun with it.

He leaned back against me like if I were some wall. I ignored him and let him stay there. After a while, he walked around and faced me and we had a conversation. I remember him saying he was from Texas. He held up a gas can and “accidentally” spilled some gas on my legs. I didn’t care. For some reason, I thought it would just evaporate. I did move him over a little, but he was surprised I didn’t get mad.

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