St. Pat’s Party and Missing a Magic Show

I remember randomly going to a magic show in an auditorium. There was a stage and a prop door on the far right. The audience sat in white wooden folding chairs.

I ended up sitting in a seat that had some woman’s purse behind it, but I wasn’t sure if the seat was saved. I told the man two chairs over that I would get up if the lady comes back. There were about four other empty seats. I’m not sure why I chose that one.

The magician was missing his left arm from just above his elbow. I remember him using it in his act talking about how having a missing arm makes it even more magical. He used the door as part of his act. At that time, I was so close, I could see how the trick worked and decided to sit farther back.

I got there too late and the show quickly ended. The magician and others were angry that I arrived late and took a seat when it was a “sold out” show. There was one more show, happening tomorrow, and I was worried that would have been sold out as well.

I remember going to a house party for St. Patrick’s Day. It was in a neighborhood similar to North Campus on N. Fourth Street, but I think it took place in Grandview. I had been there before – possibly in another dream in 2007(?) where I stayed the night and they had pictures of sailboats on the wall.

Someone came up with a project that dealt with sewing green clover images. I said it was late and I was going home. They were kinda angry that I didn’t stay and help with their project.

I remember going to my car that was parked along the curb outside (at night) and there was a beer delivery truck (the kind where the sides roll up – the doors were corrugated) parked on the street, blocking me in. There was a girl parked behind me – a white car, I think – who said her tire was flat. I said I’d call AAA.

I then realized I didn’t have my purse and had to go searching for it. I was afraid it was in the closed up auditorium, but I found it on a table at the party.

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