Marines and Waiting for a Train

I remember walking through a corridor with white walls. There were a few people dressed in those dark navy blue marine uniforms. The last one was a woman and she caught my attention and said I looked familiar. She asked if I was in the military and I was like, nope.

She then grabbed me and asked if I was sure. She held her forehead against mine and looked straight into my eyes as if she was trying to see if I was lying by the way my eyes moved. I said no and she let me go and said that the girl she thought I was had won medals, then she corrected herself and said that the girl served in the military.

I then walked into a little convenience store area and there was a 60s pop song playing and part of it sounded like a truck horn honking. I woke to find that is WAS a truck honking its horn on the highway outside my window.

I remember going somewhere with my family (mom and dad) but I also randomly had two older siblings.

Mom and I sat on a bench outside of a train/subway stop and I complained that we were taking too long – that I could go off and do something and come back and everyone would still be here. My mom as a joke said she’ll make that happen and decided to start a cross-stitch pattern.

I was so frustrated that I just left and caught the No. 2 COTA bus outside. It was night and I planned to just sit on it as it completed its loop. In waking life, the No. 2 goes up and down N. High Street, in my dream, it went down narrow alleyways and on Cleveland Avenue.

I realized I didn’t bring my purse and had no cash. I also didn’t have my BuckID to get a free ride. I tried calling my mom and siblings to get the BuckID from my purse so when I get back, I can show it to the bus driver.

However, trying to find the number to call somehow became a search through a baked muffin with a long stump.

I should have realized at that point that I was dreaming and look around as the bus went through town, but no. I looked through that muffin until I woke up.

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