Invasion of Privacy

Where to start…?

I remember trying to find information about Charlie*. I tracked him down to some two or three-story brick building in the city. There was a building next door with a garage door or wooden fence with an old painted sign and an arrow that went to the right. There was an old wooden fence that blocked a space between the building.

In the photo I had of the building, it was supposed to have a white stucco side. This building, however, had all brick sides that I could see from the street.

I remember exploring the dream space (maybe I’ve been playing Second Life a bit too much where I explore unlocked stranger’s homes, but I’d never do this in real life – I don’t need a criminal record) and I parked the big black SUV I was driving on the curb in front of the house at night.

I walked in and went upstairs and there was a guy chilling on the couch watching a movie. He saw me, but he didn’t seem to care too much.

I went to a computer set up in the corner of the room and looked up something related to me on the computer. I’m not sure why, but I left it on the page.

I left the building and was going around my car when I heard my name mentioned in anger/disappointment. I turned to find that there was a group of guys hanging out near a truck parked on the driveway next to the house. They were wearing red sports uniforms – like OSU basketball jerseys or baseball shirts. Edward* was there for some reason as well. I hurried to get into the SUV.

I heard Charlie say, “Wait, hold on, I got this.”

He ran over and caught my door before I closed it. This was definitely Observer-Charlie* – he had that weird invasive feeling and looked at me in a way most regular dream characters don’t. He surprisingly had dyed strawberry-blond hair that was a bit too long. Charlie-Alpha* has warm brown hair. I thought this hair didn’t fit him at all.

He asked, “Why were you in my room?”

I said, “Your room? I didn’t go in your room, just your living room.”

He asked, “Why did you mess with my stuff and look on my computer?”

I said (partly lying and avoiding his eye contact), “I just wanted to show you a link…”

I said, “Listen, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing…”

He said, “Yes, you did.”

And I woke up.

In a later dream, Charlie and I made up and we were hanging out in some apartment. I remember I was wearing my jeans that I finally fit into in real life, but in my dream, they were a size too loose. I also was wearing my red button-up shirt.

There was a show on an old TV with a marathon of a sci-fi show running. I remember one episode ending with a scene about finding a radio signal that is another piece of the puzzle they were trying to solve and it ended with a view of the sky over a flat corn field with a tall radio tower to the right. I remember seeing it before and remembering there were multiple radio signals and they were actually going deeper into the plot.

I remember running from one side of Columbus to another and back on foot with a lot of people. I remember going through poor neighborhoods and having to go around obstacles like trash and laundry piles.

* Names were changed.

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