Wow. Lots of dreams last night! Let’s see if I can remember any…

I remember being at some convention-like/training area with a lot of people. We were being tested on random things. I remember one scene involved each player having to shoot a target in the sky with a bow and arrow. A lot of times, this was the face of a loved one and the weaker players couldn’t even shoot.

When it was my turn, I had already had a reputation for being a good gamer/finding ways to bend game rules to win, so the crowd was interested in seeing how I’d do with this event. Since I’m desensitized and would have no issues putting an arrow through the fake face of a loved one in the sky, I was feeling pretty good about this game. However, they knew how I was and instead of a large target of a loved one’s face, it “cycled through” images and ended on a tiny dot target. The crowd even went “Ooh!” since it didn’t take bravery or cleverness, it took skill.

I think I hit the target.

In the end, I was one of the highest scoring players. I remember this whole dream being in a haze of orange/red with gritty black dust.

I remember being in a dream where my bedroom was an office…

I remember learning some computer coding language that had objects that were thought as puzzle pieces and the objects began and ended with # and it was to symbolize how they fit together.

I remember walking out of a building to my car and it had rained. It was one of those Ohio rains that lasted 5 min., but there were 1-2 inch deep puddles of water everywhere. While I was taking photos of my car, the weather got bad again and wind knocked a tree limb onto my car. Luckily, I was bending down at the time because the limb fell right over my head. I also remember tree limbs being tossed by the wind on the street.

This merged into a dream where I remember wearing clunky high-heels (gold and clear) and trying to go up and down stairs at a crowded party.

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