Seeing the Future

One of the parts I remember from my dreams last night was a co-worker from a past job walking up to me on the lawn in front of a one-story brick school building. He had some kind of diamond-shaped device/amulet in his hand that had a blue jewel in the middle. He held me in a half-hug and said that the device would allow me to see the future.

04/14/2013 Dream

He asked me what I saw. I saw (as if going into a dream) waves hitting a beach, the water line (and how weird it is to appear to be higher than the land I’m on), my feet sinking into the wet sand, and how when I picked up my foot, the print only stayed there for a short time because of the way it sucks the sand inside the print when you lift your foot and then the water comes in and erases it completely.

My co-worker was surprised it worked. His surprise made me think I was going crazy and hallucinating.

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