I Can’t Remember Colors

First Dream

I remember being in my apartment, but there was an opening to a balcony where my window is in waking life. I had curtains and they were mostly closed, but through the opening, I saw some “maintenance” guy watching me from the balcony.

After having an unspoken staring match with him, I went out to the balcony to see he was really standing on some walkway/roof of a ground-level walkway connecting the buildings. The balconies on our building and the walkway had no railings.

I went back inside to find other maintenance people saying I had to live in a hotel for a week as they fix the weakening foundation. The sounds I have been hearing were the building falling apart.

Second Dream

There was another dream where one of the characters looked like Tom Cruise. He and another male character tried to enter someplace/attack something dealing with aliens.

The aliens had a machine that would take out part of the attacker’s brain little by little until they give up. The second guy stopped after the first time and I could see pieces of brain hit the ground, but the guy was left unharmed otherwise.

The Tom Cruise look-alike was more stubborn. He attacked, at least, three times before stopping.

The creepy part was the one guy who only had a small part of his brain taken out talking about how he couldn’t remember colors. Like, he knew the concept and there was a thing such as colors, but it frustrated him that he couldn’t DEFINE colors individually.

Later, I was in a group practicing pistol shooting. The Tom Cruise look-alike was there, so I left before the guy missing half his brain picked up a gun.

Note: This Tom Cruise look-alike became a reoccurring character that I’ve named, “The Teacher.”

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