Accidentally Killing a Walker and Hot Teacher from Washington

So my first dream was disturbing and the second kinda cool.

Accidentally Killing a Walker

I vaguely remember walking out of a grocery store (like Meijer) that I just went shopping with Betsy* and other friends. They all got in their car and since I drove separately, I took my own home. It was nighttime.

Somehow, I ended up at “home,” which was my parents’ house pre-2004 renovation. Outside the window, the “neighbors” came home (they weren’t the real neighbors). I noticed the sky was light as if it was late afternoon and my dream almost went lucid because I questioned how that could be since it was just nighttime.

However, the neighbors were running around in a weird way and two of them started cutting down a tree in front of the window with a tree trimmer. One of the men bust through the window and got stuck trying to crawl in. I don’t know why, but I grabbed him and tried to pull him in. Something snapped in his neck and he died.

I was like, WHAT THE? and started to get seriously anxious. Then, the game ended. Apparently, I was testing a dream game and I had to recode part of it because that shouldn’t have killed the character.

During the dream, the neighbors were called the “Walkers.” I thought it was the last name, but when I woke up realized it was probably a Walking Dead reference.

Hot Teacher from Washington

I remember being in a classroom that had windows that reminded me of a high school classroom. I was sitting in the center of the room, along an aisle, which means I was probably late to the class. I usually sit in the front.

I assumed it was a computer programming class since that is what I’ve been taking for almost a year.

A good-looking teacher came in and he looked like a younger, better-looking Tom Cruise. He had the same color of hair and I distinctly remember he had hazel eyes, but a better nose than the actor. I remember thinking in the dream how I’d describe him using the nickname that was the name of the guy from Minority Report. This was mostly because the teacher was from Washington, D.C., and that’s the first movie that came to mind that had Tom Cruise playing a character in that city. I remembered the name was “John Anderton” after I woke up.

The teacher had a great teaching style and really engaged the students. His style reminded me of a teacher that is working with our department in waking life – one who is really passionate about teaching a subject, uses the white board so much (but in a good way) that he erases it with his hand and would find a dry-erase marker in his pocket later that night on the subway.

He asked me a question about the “value” of something and I said, how would I know and that it would depend on who is being asked. He was glad I answered that way and excused himself from the room. Looking around, you could tell the students – even the “slackers” – enjoyed his teaching style. He came back into the room carrying his Australian Sheep Dog in a blanket. He tried to explain that there is a difference between the monetary value and the sentimental value. I impulsively petted the dog’s head as the teacher told the class about how he got the dog.

Later, I remember watching class while lying on a couch in the back of the room. The dog came up and I thought it was going to lay down next to me like I’m used to dogs and cats doing, but it only sat for a second and left to go sniff the other students. The blanket I had on was a light blue fleece one.

I remember thinking, this teacher guy is too awesome, he must have a flaw, like a short temper, OCD, or set in his ways (all things that wouldn’t really bother me). This turned into some random movie trailer where his character was actually secretly rich and he introduced some hot actor to a “rich” life that ended up being dangerous and corrupt.

There was another part of the dream where the students and I were at a party – I was still lying on a couch talking to some other people and drinking from a red cup.

In the other room, some students got in a fight. I remember there was something involving a green glow. One of the involved students said that the now injured student was a “statue.” The guy to my right got a little angry about how the guy who caused the injury didn’t seem to be concerned enough about the situation and asked him if he really thought we’d believe he was a statue.

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