Perspective Story, TV Show Race Question, Shared Military Award, and Disposing of Dead People

Perspective Story

I vaguely remember someone telling a “classic” story that was set in a mad scientist’s lair. Sounds like a Halloween story, but it was a story told around the new year. I was a character who everyone kept calling “J” or “Jay.”

The old “mad” scientist was played by Christopher Lloyd and some guy my age played the new scientist.

The story was about how their personalities clashed. The old scientist believed in hard work and experimentation and curiosity while the younger one believed in letting machines do the hard work and finding a particular result. Although old, the old scientist had a child-like view of the world and the younger guy was rigid in thought.

TV Show Race Question

I remember being in some experiment where they showed clips of the Big Bang Theory where Penny was played by a black girl. The researchers asked if it changed the scenes at all. I said I didn’t think so because the actress was great and knew how to deliver the lines well.

Shared Military Award

I think there were planes or space crafts in the sky, but I can’t remember the beginning of the dream.

I remember getting into a truck as a passenger with a guy driving. The guy was some nice guy that I had worked with for years in the dream. He handed me a thick, small envelope addressed to both of us. I opened it and it was an awesome small glass/clear plastic award in the shape of something that looked similar to a stealth fighter. It was carved with a lot of detail and I thought it was really neat looking. I said it was from doing something with or discovering something with aliens back in 1992. (In waking life, I would have only been 8 years old lol) in the dream, I couldn’t remember the term “stealth fighter” so I kept saying “thing” instead.

Disposing of Dead People

I remember visiting a stranger to get tickets to some event and the guy was super creepy. He claimed he only offered a chance to win the tickets and I did not win. I was concerned because I went into his house and he had axes and other sharp things just laying around. He looked at me like he was imagining chopping me up or slicing me through the middle. He didn’t realize that I felt him pretend to cut my back open when I was facing away from him. At one time, I grabbed a sharp object, in case I needed to use it. I also questioned if I was dead and didn’t realize it.

When I was leaving, I devised a plan to keep him disarmed. I asked him to help me down the steps using both hands – this way, he couldn’t kill me as I left. However, dropped me instead and I did a roll back onto my feet and was like, “No worries!” And was happy to see his neighbors walking about.

I went back to my car, but there was a small trailer/wagon thing that was covered in a fitted tarp. I wondered what as in it and took part of the tarp off.

Yeah…it was dead bodies. Since the tarp was fitted, I struggled to get it back on – it was like trying to put a small trash bag in a larger trash bin. When one corner got on, another popped off.

I kept thinking I was involved with the situation surrounding the dead people. I don’t think I killed them, I was just helping the killer dispose of them. Then, I panicked – where the hell was I going to get rid of these bodies? I couldn’t even put on the tarp or attach it to my van. I thought about pinning it on the guy who was trying to kill me, but didn’t know how.

Eventually, someone saw the dead bodies and I played it off acting like I “discovered” it.

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