Lucid Dreams

I need to get back in the habit of writing down my dreams, but life has been super busy and stressful.

Last night fragments:

Dream 1

I remember a lucid dream where I was child-size and I jumped off a table and landed too softly. I thought, “Either I’m dead or dreaming. There is no way I wouldn’t have hit the ground harder.”

So I tried my reality check of changing the color of things. I imagined the grass to be bright red and, as usual in dreams, instead of the red I imagined, the grass turned the shade of red you’d see in some plant leaves.

I walked over to a sandbox where some kids were making a tower model with thin cardboard-like paper and clay. I straightened out what looked like rows of stone seating in the model, but more clay was needed. So I dug in the ground in front of me and ripped off some paper by accident and put it back. I found the clay area and dug in and grabbed a handful.

I said, “Fuck it!” and started ripping open the tower model and watched as the buildings around me crumbled and some burst into flames.

I started to rebuild the tower, but I woke up before I could finish it.

Dream 2

I was driving a family down a flat city’s main road. I turned off into an enclosed parking lot to my right. I saw that it was fenced off and a commercial jet was landing. I assumed it was a runway and the plane would stop, but it hit and ran over the fence. It went over our car, not damaging it, but I lost control of the car and hit something near a wall.

Some Agents (police officers?) pulled up behind me with their guns drawn trying to get me to leave the area. I looked up and a HUGE plane with several engines that took up the entire length of the “runway” was taking off in our direction. The Agents were worried and started retreating. I wasn’t scared during this whole dream. I think I was controlling the planes because it was semi-lucid.

Dream 3

I remember watching some video that was controlled by a touchscreen about where some painted image was inspired. It was something about birds (at least one was bright yellow) on a power line getting zapped and dying.

The painting/drawn image merged into a red and black/gray image of people and skyscrapers. The video that inspired that was some 1980s video of professionally-dressed people walking up a sidewalk toward a central business district.

I was then following a “Guide” (New Class! It was like an Observer character without the invading feeling and was not as in power as an Agent character.) He reminded me of Charlie* a little (average height, brown hair, nice face) and he led me around a doorway explaining we were behind schedule because they didn’t expect me to spend so much time on that bird video.

* Names have been changed.

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