Girl Scouts, Being Shot, The Color of Tea, and a Doctor Who Fan

Girl Scouts

I don’t remember why it was important, but it kept repeating like a GIF of an aerial view of a field being mowed in a way to show a Girl Scouts logo.

Being Shot

I have been watching the 4400, so some of it’s mixing in with past plots I’ve written.

I remember telling a kid to check out/learn MS Excell, but I realized she was in the middle of learning something else. I told her nevermind and that she can tell me no (she was a quiet, shy kid).

She had some sort of power (the girl to my left, the guy to my right, and I also had powers) and people were after her. A door opened on the left and someone had a rifle of some sort and turned to shoot the kid. I told them to stop and they turned and shot me in the left part of my chest.

I rewrote the next part in the dream to go from that to waking up in the hospital with no memory of the time in between, but the first version was of the events I later forgot.

I remember telling the others to get Shawn and Sam. Shawn in the TV show is a healer. Generally, in my plots, the healer is named Jacob or Jason. Sam, in my dream, was someone who could regenerate and heal themselves. In my plots, characters named Sam generally are chaotic neutral/chaotic evil guys with tactile hypnosis. In the dream, I was a “Spiegel” or “Mirror” where I could reflect the powers of others within a range.

They put me on a gurney and put me on the caboose of a train. There was an identical train on the right. The “bad guys” (one guy was played by Roger R. Cross, probably because it was a sci-fi plot)¬†wanted me to join them and planned to kidnap me from the train. They ended up picking the wrong train.

I was outside of my body while at the hospital. I wondered if it was an out-of-body experience because I’m close to dying or if there was a person near my unconscious body who could astral project. I looked around the hospital and the 200 and 300 numbered rooms weren’t on other floors, they were in separate “wings.” According to a fire map posted on the wall, the hospital was “Y” shaped like a snake’s tongue. I remember the doors being blue and thought it all looked familiar.

The Color of Tea

I was writing something and wanted to compare aging with tea and thought I could do that by mentioning the color of tea. My waking self thought, “Um…tea stays brown…” but in the dream, I kept asking if people were tea drinkers. Most weren’t. I bumped into Jason S., a friend from waking life, and asked him and he said the color goes from blue to yellow to white/clear. I laughed because he’s the kind of guy who likes to make those around him laugh and enjoy life and I thought he was joking.

I later found some tea in a cabinet above a kitchen sink. There was one more packet of the tea Jason drank in the dream. I poured powder from the pack into a small Ziplock sandwich bag and added some water. I shook it and it really did turn a cloudy light blue. I shook it again and it turned a cloudy yellow, then, to my disbelief, I shook it and it turned white and eventually went to clear.

I also remember finding trash in the garbage disposal and taking¬†out and throwing it away. Later, I looked for a post-it note to leave apologizing to Jason about taking his last packet of tea and that I’d buy him a box.

Doctor Who Fan

I remember relaxing in an old fashioned lawn chair next to a friend of mine. She went on and on about Doctor Who (which I’m not a fan of, but was happy to see it made her happy). I remember there were mountains in the distance with snowy peaks. I thought it was neat how the distance was compressed and it looked like it was all in walking distance and how high the highest mountain must be if the distance appeared so compressed. I told my friend that the mountain was the tallest mountain I’ve ever seen in person. She said it wasn’t that tall. Part of me really wanted to walk to it, climb over it and see just how tall it was.

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