I guess I’ll put down a little bit of multiple random dreams I remember.

In no particular order:

I remember hanging out with a friend’s family and sitting in the back seat of their small car. Out of nowhere, David* (a new character that looks like a friend from high school that I was wondering a few days ago whatever happened to that guy?) walks up and asks me if I still remember his social security number. I didn’t know why I’d even know that and said no (although I do remember his Ashville telephone number). He said it was ADD-D [letters ] LM-NO. I didn’t understand why his SSN would be letters. He was almost like an observer-character. So if converted to numbers – 144-4 [?]-3456?

Also, sometime in the dream, some guys with assault rifles were shooting at cops from the edge of a forest as the cops tried to talk them down. Behind them, there was some sniper guy that was covered in branches hiding on the ground.

I remember thinking about going to El Vaquero, but decided against it. Instead, I remember getting food from a buffet, but the plates were already made. For some reason, I took broccoli from one plate and noodles from another.

Outside, the “pavement” was made of primary colored weird shaped bricks. They weren’t held into the ground in any way so I fell three times because I had clunky high-heeled shoes on. Had to use a stranger’s car mirror to get up.

I remember being in my apartment and David came to my door and rang the doorbell. I told him I wasn’t dressed for company, but I was really just cleaning up to take the trash out. I felt bed, thinking that this is why my life sucks – I don’t take chances and make the safe decisions. I wondered how my life would have changed had I opened that door.

I remember there was some kind of message or email from Kevin* on the window made with a red window crayon. Somehow the room became a workplace and a co-worker erased the message despite me yelling at her not to erase it.

In another dream, I lived in a dorm room in the same building I worked and a co-worker that didn’t like me trashed my dorm room and put in alcohol (which was forbidden) in there. I remember having to go to some building with blue doors to explain that the things weren’t mine.

*Names have been changed.

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