Late for Choir and Recent Dreams

I can’t remember them much anymore. Probably should have written them down this morning.

So here are bullet points. Yay!

Late for Choir

  • I remember having to go to choir.
  • The others in the choir were people from high school (over 11 years ago), but it was obviously a college class because it started at 6 p.m.
  • I remember trying to do the math in my head to figure out the time because, just like in real life, I make my clocks all different times. The more I have to THINK about what time it is, the better I am at showing up somewhere on time.
  • I remember thinking Charlie-Alpha* should be there, but this other guy, Christopher*, kept staring at me like the last time I saw him in waking life. I wondered if it was because I kept looking back. If you keep looking back, sometimes it looks like you are staring back.
  • The color blue was all throughout this dream.
  • There was a scene where I had to go downstairs and the stairway was under construction or something and was covered in a light blue gel pad thing.
  • It looked slippery, but I thought I’d try it. I grabbed the railing and sure enough, that step was super slippery.
  • I thought about taking another stairway, but I don’t remember doing so.
  • There was a scene where I was in an apartment. I can’t remember if I had a roommate or not. I was in the clothes I went to bed in, so I thought I’d change – I was sure I smelled bad.
  • I went through my dresser drawer and found the night shirt I currently have on.
  • Before changing, I went to a door that was in the bedroom that led to a small grassy area with flowers and plants. It was night outside and the road the door faced was a brick side street. I pictured it as a one-block brick alleyway connecting two more often used brick streets.
  • I saw a light colored car turn down the road – it looked like a modern car with 1950s elements added to it. It looked like a weird PT Cruiser. I wondered how anyone could actually like those cars and I went inside.

Recent Dreams

Biggest things I remember from 12/27 are below. The rest were stressful and job-related.

  • I remember a scene where I was at a conference for my job and it was LONG and boring.
  • For some reason, to signify being done with the day, we all drank a cup of water in a certain large room. So I looked for the end of the line and ended up behind a guy in a suit that looked a little like that actor in my dream from earlier in the month. I guess he represents the quintessential nice IT guy. I asked him if this was the line for the water and he said it was.
  • I somehow ended up having to sit down at a front table when they started an event in the room.
  • I remember Les Wexner’s wife presenting (I remember liking her hair and wished I could make my hair in a nice bun like that.) so I thought it was a charity event for the Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence. I remember looking for photos on my phone of past volunteer events friends and I could share with the organization.

* Names have been changed.

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