Impromptu Exam / Presentation

I remember being at work in a classroom and some co-worker handed me controls and told me to give an exam in the form of a presentation.

It was just a test to see if it needed to be developed more. They got a good-looking (brown-haired fit guy) student worker to take the test.

They wanted me to read the screens for him. I read them and they seemed rather random. Some were missing words, which made me sound weird reading them aloud. I realized I needed to read it in my head first, then read it aloud and fill in the missing words.

While this was happening, there were “scientists” or IT people or something sitting along a row of tables near the wall with laptops. I couldn’t tell if they were just using the space to work or taking notes on us. They watched us a little between periods of typing.

The weirdest part was one question was too quick, so I couldn’t finish reading it. It went to a generic computer “WARNING” screen. It looked like something from the early 90s and was red, black, and yellow. All of the other questions had no time limit, but this one was counting down to something that seemed very bad.

I wanted to see what the question was, so to go back, I put down the TV controller I was holding to flip through the screens and picked up a Wii controller with the rubber casing. To move the screen back to the previous screen, I gestured in a counter-clockwise circle with my wrist.

I don’t remember the outcome.

There was another random part of the dream where someone came in and set up an old TV cart in the room. As he walked out the door, he touched my face as a “Hello!” and smiled as he left the room to go onto his next task. I realized then that it was Charlie*.

* Name was changed.

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