Dream 1:

I was falling asleep and started hearing loud people outside. This has happened before with drunk people walking home or people leaving parties having loud conversations at 1:30 in the morning. I was thinking, “they can’t stay outside too long, it’s freezing and snowing,” but they continued to chat and cheered and eventually I started to realize it sounded like they were watching a basketball game or something. One guy kept laughing at everything, another was trying to have a conversation, and a third would try to respond, but would shout/cheer whenever their team scored. I turned to my other side, frustrated. Then, I noticed the sound completely disappeared – I had dreamed the whole thing.

Dream 2:

It was one of those REALLY deep-feeling dreams. I remember seeing a large compound (looked like it was only one story, but might have gone down several) in the dessert. It was like I was being sucked away from it. I remember being told to do something by someone official, but I was also told that I would not remember this encounter. The instructions I was given would happen by instinct or subconsciously. Since I was told I wouldn’t remember being there, I was stubborn and tried SO HARD to remember I was there. Too bad that I only remember that part of the dream – nothing more. lol

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