Apartment Building and Sleep Attack

Apartment Building

I dreamed that I was going to an apartment building I planned to move to in the dream. It was a large house with small apartments on one side and a common area on the other.

I remember having to walk through a gooey water-based substance to enter the front yard. I put my hand through it and it reminded me of the consistency of runny egg yolk. I closed my eyes and went through it.

It took me a while to decide to walk through it – I didn’t realize the tenants of the building were waiting in line behind me and I felt bad making them wait.

I remember looking around the building and didn’t like the number of stairs I had to go up and down. There were stairs in the common area (which had maroon carpet) and steps outside from the porch to the yard. I remember disliking how one of the tenants smoked in the common area. I also remember a dachshund outside.

Sleep Attack

I have been having sleep attacks all week, this one, I remember a little bit of my dreams because I made it to my bed:

  • The name Walter
  • The name Michelle
  • The ceiling of an events center (Vet’s Memorial or the Expo Center) with a sign with the American flag on it. Someone was dressed like an old man with Where’s Waldo glasses

The rest of the time was in and out of sleep paralysis that I recognized but wasn’t afraid of. I hallucinated/dreamed my printer printing a document during this state and questioned, while still asleep, if my printer was even turned on. I even dreamed yelling, “Hello?” thinking someone had broken into my apartment to use the printer. I was going to tell them to help themselves to whatever food I had (my weird way of responding to break-ins, thinking B&E criminals aren’t usually out to hurt people, just take things).

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