On the Run From Aliens and Jailed Due to a Mistake on My Taxes

On the Run From Aliens

I remember sleeping next to Charlie* in a cool futuristic house. It was so big, we even allowed his parents to stay at the place.

I was still half asleep and felt (which turned to a view from the ceiling) Charlie get up, grab two suitcases, and start putting clothes in them. He later woke me up to get dressed and leave because of aliens were coming or something weird like that. We didn’t wake his parents.

We stopped at some place way early in the morning for food, but the owner – some guy who once served in the military – had a grudge against Charlie. It had something to do with camping or fishing. He tossed/spilled a salmon-colored liquid onto some small window areas in the place and it coated them like paint.

For some reason, I just got so angry and yelled at him for being mean and spilling that crap and that there was no reason to hold a grudge that long. Charlie first watched and passively tried to calm me down, but then let me just go crazy.

Jailed Due to a Mistake on My Taxes

I remember being led to a jail-like facility by some police officers. I was in a jumpsuit and handcuffs. I remember thinking what I did was a mistake and I didn’t know it was illegal. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get a decent job after serving time and someone told me that what I did was a misdemeanor, not a felony and that employers ask about felonies.

I remember being worried about being bored. I walked around an open area of the facility and the only things they had for entertainment were board games and LEGOs. I saw that someone peed on the carpet and I had to avoid stepping in it.

* Name has been changed

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