Taking Notes

I remember sitting in a classroom with Kevin* and other people about my age. Our desks were designed into a large rectangle where I was nearly facing Kevin.

There was an open CD or DVD player on my left laying lopsided against a stack of books. The teacher was able to spin it with his hand and later, he put a CD or DVD on the area that it should go and spun it again. I later fixed it to have the title of the CD/DVD to be straight. I don’t remember the words, except that it was all in caps and two words.

The teacher seemed similar to the teacher in a previous dream. I think my subconscious is making archetypes and this was “The Teacher.”

I remember he asked the girl next to Kevin how she and Kevin’s birthdays went. Their birthdays were in mid-April, so I thought it was around May.

Later, I had switched to a seat closer to the front and started taking notes. I remember the compass symbols and, although the teacher said we didn’t have to write them down because they were too detailed, I did anyway because I liked the symbols. I remember writing words as well, but I only remember the word, “Russia.”

10/20/2014 Dream Image

Notes I wrote down in the dream. The teacher said the compasses were too detailed to try to draw in the dream, but I drew them anyway. There were notes about something else, but all I remember is Russia.

There was a small scene where I discovered I was in my parent’s house (pre-2004 renovation) this whole time and the classroom was my old bedroom. I saw Charlie* laying on the couch in the living room and I almost approached him, but I ended up backing up and hitting a desk.

* Names have been changed.

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