Whores, Plastic-Packed Houses, Crime Fighting, and Let’s Do It Again!

I drank about 120 mg of caffeine (a half an energy drink, equivalent to a little over a cup of coffee) within an hour before going to bed, so my bladder was full while sleeping. Add on sore arms from working out with heavy weights, and I actually remembered some dreams…


I remember some tractor-trailer with bold, sans serif letters saying “WHORES.” I wondered why it was that word, then realized it was more memorable than say, “STEAK” or something else random. I think it was from a presentation I’m working on where I’m referencing They Live because it was the same font.

Plastic-Packed Houses

This was a long one…

I remember going with female friends to some place that was in a large room on an upper floor. It felt like a casino with dark carpet and weird designs and blinking lights. Some were wearing Halloween costumes and I said I should have dressed up. (Note: Athens Halloween was last night and I decided not to go.)

We sat down at a row of small tables that built part of a large rectangle. I noticed another area where some old coworkers were sitting, including Axel*, and said, “I feel I should be sitting over there…” That’s when all the old coworkers moved to our area. Some had kids in strollers, so I helped move tables and chairs out for them and cleared an area to sit between the two groups.

Once I was ready to sit down, some girl grabs my chair as she is about to sit there. The only other place open was across the way, on the end with people I didn’t know. I said, “Hey, I worked to clear this area so that I could sit here.” She looked sad and left. I sat down and realized five friends in her clique were there, so I told her she could have the seat. I ended up sitting next to an eccentric, but nice girl with blond hair.

Somehow, this environment changed to white walls and lots of marble. It reminded me of a bank headquarters. Two guys said their titles and introduced themselves. I couldn’t see them behind a bend in the wall. They explained that we would need to evacuate the building.

Everyone started panicking and running toward the stairs and elevators. A lot of the people were British. I was concerned because I knew panicking people were going to be worse than whatever we were evacuating for. I slowly went to the elevators after the initial chaos and noticed a lot of blood.

In waking life, I’m more likely to wait during evacuations and get others out safely. However, this time, I looked over to the people needing help at the elevator and there were severed limbs and one person was obviously dead from blood loss, but others were trying to get them to wake up.

I ended up trying to find a way down and there were scenes where the area was cleared out that I traveled across it by sliding on the newly waxed floor. I was about to take an elevator when I noticed two men. One guy was short and reminded me of Neil Patrick Harris in a way. The taller guy went on to another room and the short guy had a large traveling chest. For some reason, I REALLY didn’t trust him.

I acted like I wasn’t REALLY going for the elevator, but I must have been too obvious because he later made it understood that he knew I didn’t trust him. He did, however, give me a piece of chocolate fudge (In waking life, I bought fudge two days ago.) As I ate it, I questioned if it could be laced with poison.

There was a scene where I talked about the dismembered limbs that I saw near the elevator and people became super emotional. I apologized and said I was a bit desensitized and forgot how it affected others. Then stupidly mentioned how we thought the limbs’ owner was decapitated and the people freaked out again.

A large group of us ended up living in a large lobby with steps that went down to glass doors and windows looking onto a city street. I decided to go out there and try to get to where I called “home” in the dream. I found out that we had been living there for three months and I was surprised our food didn’t run out earlier.

As I walked down the street, it was abandoned. There were crashed cars and burnt houses. What wasn’t burnt or damaged was wrapped (or “packed” as I called it in the dream) in thick mostly opaque plastic. There were white plastic zippers keeping parts of it together.

It was dark and I couldn’t figure out if it was sunrise or sunset, but later found that it was due to low clouds. I felt I shouldn’t be out in the dark, so I made my way back. On the way, I saw a man and also a woman and her daughter walking into town where I was just exploring. They were wearing face masks. All of a sudden, a light blue pickup truck sped out from behind a building on my left, hit the guy and ran into the building beside the bank.

The woman and girl got out of the way, but they continued walking at a relaxed pace as if it were normal.

By the time I got back, I realized it was supposedly a TV show based on a graphic novel. I was playing a character in Season 2 Episode 1 and each episode covers the same three months as witnessed by other characters. Episode 2 was to follow two men in a carpet cleaning business.

* Name has been changed.

Crime Fighting

I somehow saved a policeman’s life – I think his name was Officer Bowen. I don’t remember how, though. His partner caught up with my dad’s car. My dad was giving me a ride. The cop wanted to hire me for some position or something and asked me a weird question: “What are your fears?” I remember feeling down after some argument with my dad and my dad told him, “That is not the path for her.”

This frustrated me and I spent the rest of the dream trying to track the cop down and tell him I was interested.

I even had a dream inside the dream where I was bait for muggers. I went around with a backpack asking if it belonged to anyone. Some guy with his own backpack walks up and says he wants the backpack. I told him, “but you have your own backpack, this obviously isn’t yours.” He got frustrated and pulled out a gun and pointed at me demanding the backpack.

I rose my hands to show I was unarmed and said, “Are you serious? Can’t you see that there are cops all around?” He looked around and saw cops get out of cars with guns drawn. He started running and I chased after him. Once I caught up with him he turned to point the gun at me and I used my elbow to knock the gun away and fell on him and pinned him to the ground to be arrested.

Let’s Do It Again!

There was a part of the dream that was lucid and I even told someone I knew it was lucid. However, the detail wasn’t as overwhelming as other lucid dreams I’ve had.

There was a part where a leader of our group was starting a dream for us to “play” and it was labeled with a letter and number – B something. I said, “I hope it’s the Plastic-Packed Houses one again!” and others looked at me weird.

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