26 Elements, Underdressed for a Tutor, Bank Account Hacked

So I ended up drinking a full Rockstar Pure Zero a couple of hours before bed. Partly because I had the next day off and partly to test an idea – that it’s easier to remember dreams when your body is making cortisol from a flight or fight response (usually triggered by negative dreams, which is why they are maybe remembered in more detail). Caffeine raises stress hormones like cortisol, so it makes me wonder if something external could make dreams more memorable without having to find a way to trigger a stress response in a dream.

The problem, though, is when I generally drink caffeinated drinks right before bed, it makes my dreams lucid and then turn into false awakening loops. This would have happened if I had over-consumed the caffeine instead of just drinking it near going to bed.

This time, my subconscious created an environment that made multiple dreams less terrifying. However, I remember less off them when trying to recall them, but I think they’re there and just need the right cue for retrieval. 

26 Elements

Part of the multiple dreams were set up where there was an element related to letters and the person creating the premise of the dream would choose letters.

An example would be like a “W-Dream” was a “whole dream” that had a beginning, middle, and end. Mixed with say an “N-Dream” which added a New Person or a “P-Dream” that involved pennies. I loved this idea since it was like writing prompts.

I had many of these prompted dreams, but can’t remember more than flashes at the moment.

Underdressed Tutor

I think this was part of the series above, but I remember some woman “case worker” coming to my parents’ house (AFTER the 2004 renovation, which was strange) and asking me questions about me tutoring a neighbor.

The neighbor was the 13-year-old girl that is currently my neighbor in waking life. In the dream, she was fine on her own, but she came over when she had trouble with schoolwork.

The case worker was concerned because I didn’t look professional. I was wearing night clothes that were loose and my shorts too short. I explained that she only came over for help every once in a while and I wasn’t going to dress up all the time just in case.

Bank Account Hacked

This was the last one, so it is the one I remember the most. It stuck in my memory enough to make me think I had to change my passwords and check my US Bank account after I woke up. It dawned on me quickly it was a dream and I don’t have to update my passwords (yay!), but I should check my bank account anyway. It wasn’t until I started writing this when I realized I don’t HAVE a US Bank account. So weird.

So, the dream…

I remember sitting in some lobby chairs (gray with metal arms) near a window with two female friends. I don’t remember what was outside the window, but one friend looked at her laptop and said that my credit score just took two “D” hits and I should check it out. I thought it was weird, but decided to go to the restroom first.

It was a large restroom and the other friend (closer in the dream than the other) went in there, too. She said I needed to check my bank account, just to be sure.

I checked it on my phone and saw small amounts ($50 or so) taken out for “some random guy” (it was literally labeled this way). Part of me actually liked the criminal because it seemed as if he was just trying to prove he could hack into my account, but didn’t clean it out.

Others were waiting for the restroom, so we left and I remember walking into an area with tables. There was one with one chair and black…bowls? around it. I don’t know why I wanted to sit there, maybe it’s so strangers didn’t sit there with me, but, since I was dealing with this issue with my friend, I chose a clear table with multiple chairs.

I remember researching about where the money was sent to and it was a Nathan Goss…something (like Gossend, Gosshend, Gossand, etc.) 1

I think I finally fixed the problem and reported it to those I needed to and I remember sitting in the chairs from before, but with a wall behind me. There was a guy to my right who was average height, slightly overweight, had stubble, and thick glasses. Not ugly, but not hot.

I don’t know how we got to it, but he told me his name: “Nathan Goss-something”. I stood up holding my laptop and called him an asshole. He smiled and said he was from “IMET” 2 and worked for the network security team or something and he was using me partly as an example, but also to get me to change my passwords. It made me laugh because I was never truly angry with him and thought it was an interesting way to make a point.


There were observers in several of these dreams. I can only really remember a flash of walking down a city sidewalk after it rained and an observer would watch me from a distance as he rode his bike down the road.


1 However, as I try to remember the name, it changes to Brian or Daniel (so weird!), but I remember thinking when I got up that he “didn’t look like a Nate.”

2 “IMET” is actually a team at an old place I once worked at, but it had nothing to do with security. It’s interesting how my dreams bring up old crap to add detail to dreams.

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