Eris and Bad Facial Recognition


This probably came from looking at spaceship images online when I tried finding out where I saw last night’s dream’s ship before.

In this dream, I remember playing some game where you can not only design a space ship, but you can design your federation/group. There was an old one based on something from Stargate SG-1 and I really wanted to do something different.

I ended up making the “Eris,” named after the Goddess of Discord. It was black to blend in with space and the federation’s mission was just to do whatever they want – good or “bad.” “Bad” would reflect more of a trickster action that wasn’t super “evil” or anything, just something to break norms and “ruffle feathers.” We were out to cause discord.

Bad Facial Recognition

I remember being sick or something, but walking down a street near sunset. I entered a fancy restaurant where some high school friends were eating. I wasn’t really dressed for the place, so I left.

However, a guy from high school was also on the street. I tried to go faster than him back to my apartment in the dream to avoid talking. He seemed to have the same idea and we matched pace.

I eventually broke off from the path and ended up walking back another way. A cute guy came up to me and started talking to me. He was cool and good looking and I really wanted to keep talking to him when I got back to my apartment.

I knew I knew him from somewhere and spoke small talk, which he seemed to be confused about. I realized why later: before I got to my apartment door, he went to the apartment next door and started to unlock it – he was a neighbor!

I apologized and told him I had bad facial recognition and forgot he was my neighbor. He laughed and seemed OK with that.

Randomly, a group of people – some in weird costumes – appeared to my left. I discovered that Kevin* lived in the apartment on the other side of mine and someone broke into his apartment.

Later, there was a scene with my apartment also getting broken into and a temporary lock was put on the door. It was weird and had to be held a certain way to work and it was obviously not a good lock. I was angry about the situation – not with the guy who broke in, but the others who took advantage of the broken locks. At least, the guy who beat the lock had to work and use a skill.

Later, I was carrying large things to a meeting at work. It was dark and gloomy and some of the rolled poster board I had was getting damaged, but when I got to Court and Union, I couldn’t remember if I locked my door correctly and started walking back toward my office. I texted everyone I was going to be late.

* Name was changed.

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