Amusement Park Horror Story and Professional Student

Amusement Park Horror Story

I remember hanging out with my friend Alice* and going to an amusement park. For some reason, I thought of Kings Island, but this was not like that.

While walking to the entrance, I had this weird feeling we were being followed by a male my age. I mentioned it to Alice, asking if she ever talked to the guy behind us. She asked what I was talking about and I mentioned how I felt this guy following us and I think he was in the back seat of the car coming to the place, but I never talked to him or even looked at him.

At the entrance, there were Winnie-the-Pooh character sculptures, but they were faded from age and creepy looking. It reminded me of something you’d see as an image for a Creepy Pasta video.

I felt as if I had been there before, decades ago, with my parents. In waking life, Alice is usually more outgoing than me and is the one to pull me along to do things. In the dream, I remember taking the lead and asking her to follow. She was hesitant.

I remember going through an area with a tall wooden gate.

We exited an area on a raised cement platform. There was a guy (he looked like an actor I’ve seen before) to our left pushing unpopped popcorn that was coming out of a chute.

I remember him being a “ghost” in an earlier run of this program. (By now, I realized this was a re-run of a dream program and the dream became half-lucid.) In an earlier version, the guy played a trickster role. He said something about him being dead and a ghost and I thought, “I hope he isn’t really dead. He’s not that bad of a guy.”

I used the pile of popcorn as an easier way to jump from the platform and told Alice to follow me.

I went up some stairs and into a building. I knew the building was supposed to be like one from some horror movie, so I went to every room and explored the three-story building. Each room was designed to reflect a character. The weirdest one was one of an old lady/grandmother. The doorknob to her room was missing, but there was a small tip I was able to use to open the door.

After all of this, I found out we were trapped. I went to the kitchen for some food.

I later discovered through a TV / seeing it as a movie a couple that had entered the haunted house. They were cool and both were able to take what crazy shit the house gave them and survived well together. I remember in their version, the refrigerator and other kitchen things were all covered with plastic. They could see the food, but couldn’t get to it.

It was supposed to be a surprise to the audience that the girl’s legs were missing (probably due to the house), but I didn’t understand that since many of the shots showed her sitting in a weird position on the stairs as her husband fetched things for her.

Something happened to one of them and the survivor was ridiculed by the people who ran the program for not protecting the other. I think it was the guy who survived.

* Name has been changed.

Professional Student

I remember a scene where I was in a college class, but it was in a studio with high black ceilings with movable lighting. We sat on foldable bleachers.

I remember talking to someone about the TV show Community.

There was a scene with a boat or maybe some weird white coffin-like device with water in it. I don’t really remember.

I do remember the teacher (I guess he was “The Teacher”) saying it wasn’t weird that I was taking the class because even astronauts (he pointed to a classmate) have to take other courses outside of their major.


I generally don’t watch a lot of horror, but I think the Amusement Park dream came from watching Black Mirror recently. I mean, it TRIED to have a neat twist.

I don’t know why Winnie-the-Pooh shows up randomly. There was a dream a few years ago where I watched a movie where a child was being trained to fight “Poohs,” an alien race of yellow bears. “Beware of the Poohs,” the father said.

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