Random parts…

Scene 1:

Being in a group with Kara, Sean, and even Charlie* watching a horror movie, but we had to write a paper about the tropes and archetypes in the film. I was excited because I find analyzing films fun for some reason. Sean and Kara’s nieces were there as well.

Scene 2:

I was on the phone with Sean and he said it sounded like “Pearl Harbor” or something meaning low-flying planes. Within a few seconds, I started hearing them, too.

Scene 3:

There was a realistic military training RPG/first-person shooter game (half handheld, half dream tech) that had some neat controls. I wasn’t supposed to use it and even found a part that looked similar to a “dorm room” from another dream.

I followed some guy that looked like John Goodman back to a two-star hotel. I kept asking him the name of the realistic military video game. Before he shut the door in my face, he said, “Mario 2.” I said, “That’s what I keep hearing.” I was frustrated because the game was kick-ass and I wanted to play.

* Name has been changed.

Note 02/01/2015:

A few days later, I saw a video about how Mario 2 was hard to find at one time due to what could have been a manufactured shortage. That was before I was old enough to remember.

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