Strange Patterns and Clown Theme

Strange Patterns

I remember being in a crowded restroom at some new workplace. I thought the coworkers would be wary of a new person, but they were pretty awesome.

They were having fun, too. There was a scene where these tall black women twins came in and spoke in a whisper to a short white blond girl and it was a normal conversation. I thought there was a reason for it, so I talked to them in a whisper. They responded kindly, but at a normal volume. It was hilarious.

I remember a weird scene where we walked through some glass doors, but people were compelled to do “patterns.” The first was each pair of people going through the door would alternate between saying “Ooh” and “Ahh.” I messed it up on purpose, but it forced the rest of the people behind me to do it incorrectly and it sounded weird.

Later, each time a person walked by an area, they had to pull out their chair and spin it and put it back. One girl, who was dressed in a very professional gray suit, had a chair that doesn’t spin. She was still compelled to pull it out, wait a couple of seconds, pick it up and turn it 90 degrees, wait, turn, wait, turn, then put it back.

Clown Theme?

I still can’t remember if it was clowns, jesters, or pirate themed, but I remember being in a small local store known for their employees dressing to a theme.

I remember being there before in another dream.

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