History in First Person

I woke up hoping this was a real movie since it was not finished.

An old guy pretends to be immortal and describes historical events to a child using comedic storytelling from a first-person view.

– Quick note: 5:30, arc, 3 circles…with an arrow. –

What I still remember:

The dream starts with a 30-something guy with the typical average healthy body shape and brown hair moving into a new condo in the city. The condo reminded me of my last apartment in a high-rise, but the place was much larger with taller ceilings. The windows faced another building.

I remember someone commenting about how it was so quiet – MUCH better than his last place.

There were two holes in the wall and the guy saw bugs crawl into one of them. He looks around and finds Band-Aid patches and covers one hole. He looks for something to spray into the wall to kill the bugs, but only finds spray deodorant.

Just then, he realizes he needs to go to a party.

He leaves and goes to a party in the building. It seems to be a party for the tenants. The others there were weird. There is a line, but one woman has to go to the back of the line. She tries cutting in front of the guy, but he won’t let her. Then, she tries annoying him by standing too close to him, but he ignores her, even when she is basically leaning on him.

Later, he realizes he needed to provide a gift. He has a wrapped gift in the car, so he says he’ll be back.

He walks out of the room and says, “I’m tired of using the elevator.” He walks down carpet-covered stairs a couple of flights. One side of the stairwell shows a long lobby. The building has businesses on the bottom floor!

He turns to the right and walks toward a set of doors to go to his car. Part way there, a character played by Christopher Lloyd holding an oxygen mask to his face does a Doc Brown expression and yells, “Great Scott!”

He walks over to the guy, but the guy doesn’t want to talk to him. Lloyd’s character is happy to see him, but their conversation and relationship is strained.

There’s a flashback to when the guy was 5 years old. Lloyd’s character sits heavily in a chair and makes a joke about what he was told after fighting in the crusades.

Then, I wake up.

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