Propulsion Suits, Teaching Money Math, Illegal to Give Poor People Change, and Do

I think being sore, drinking water before going to bed, and worrying about driving on ice in the morning made me have lots of dreams.

Propulsion Suits

This was a weird dream where Google and SpaceX were teaming up to create what they called “propulsion suits.” They looked like fitted gray suits normally, but they inflate and allow the wearer to float and fly up (not far). Instead of a balloon, the wearer looks like they are wearing a fake muscle suit, which allows for mobility. One neat detail was that, unlike Iron Man movies that show him often in a vertical position, the creators of this suit explained they work best in a lying position. The guy demoed this by diving into a float/hover. The suits were not only for space but to be a backup for parachutes. There was a device that would inflate the suit at a certain altitude and slow the fall of someone free falling, making it even help when the wearer was unconscious.

I later told a friend about them and try to explain that with the suit I’d be able to jump/float to the top of the event tent we were in. It was a two-story tent with red and white stripes. I also said it would have been more impressive if there weren’t things already floating in the air (this should have made me realize I was dreaming).

Teaching Money Math

I remember being at home, but there was a ranch house in the back yard further up the hill. It was a half-lucid dream and I told myself to look for the house when I woke up. I couldn’t remember if it was real or not. My upstairs neighbors moved into it, but part of it was broken.

For some reason, they leaned two boards against an open window to create a place to roll something inside. They ended up driving a car up the “tracks,” they moved and the car hit and broke a window. One of the neighbors was in the house and looked outside.

I walked outside and a maroon PT cruiser pulled up and parked near the laundry area. The downstairs neighbor’s mom came out of the car.

I walked with her toward the east and instead of a hill, the land was flat and my porch was HUGE.

Kids were walking around in Halloween costumes and I asked, “Is it near Halloween?” and she shook her head.

Eventually, I remember a scene where a boy (who was old enough should have understood this crap already) said his school hasn’t taught how to break dollars into change and asked how many nickels in a dollar, etc. I explained the best way to start visualizing it was 100 pennies in a dollar. That’s 10 rows of 10 pennies. For a quarter, you want to half it, then half it again. For a dime, it’s one row of 10 and a nickel is half that. It sounds complicated, but I wanted to teach it visually, not using written numbers.

Illegal to Give Poor People Change

I remember having to drive on roads that were becoming icy, facing the sun and not being able to see.

I ended up on a city street in a poorer part of a city. It wasn’t dangerous, but it was a very poor area. I had a plastic bag of quarters and I was going to donate it to a school, but some poor guys walked by. I got lost looking for the school and just handed out the quarters to the poor people. A cop came over and said it was illegal without a permit. I didn’t understand how that kind of kindness could be illegal.

I remember a scene later when I finally found the school. They wanted information and I had forgotten the materials with that number. I found an ID card of sorts the woman at the desk said could work, but most people can’t find the Roman numeral she would need. I looked around and chose the number that showed the most: 6. Then I saw the “V” at the center top and said, “Wait, wait! Five!!!!”


I remember being in an audience with my parents watching some movie on a flat screen. The movie was called “Do” (as in “Do this” “Do that”) and was a long-awaited sequel to a movie that came out in 2009.

Someone made a lot of noise talking while finding their seat, so I paused the movie. When I played it again, I blanked out, then came back and I couldn’t understand why the screen was down the way. My mom said it was because I paused the movie and it’s taking forever to load now. There was a loading bar on the TV.

My mom and I decided to go to the restroom. While we were gone, my dad left to go to the lobby and “rant about France.” I was pissed because when we went back, people took our seats!

I also got mad because the family that took our seats had kids playing with large inflatable balls that made noises when bouncing off things. I said, I shouldn’t have to watch a movie with that sound in the background until I have kids myself!

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