Bullets Move Cars

I remember telling someone or maybe also thinking about (while entering an elevator) about how bullets would move a car if it were shot while moving or even standing still. They would penetrate and go through, but the car would definitely move from the impact.

Next, I remember parking my car in an apartment parking lot at night. The pavement was damp and reflected the light in a neat way. I walked around the apartments and grabbed something and started walking back. On my way, I saw a girl walking toward the road. I thought it was weird, but I thought, “It’s a free country. You can walk alone down a dark wet road all you want…”

I threw away what I had in my hand in a metal garbage can near the dumpsters in the back. There were fir trees beyond the parking lot. My car was not the red one I have in waking life, but an older silver model. There was a person watching me in the parking lot. I got in my car and the guy fired a gun at me as I left. I drove away fast.

The next scene, I was driving and stopped as I found the girl from earlier in the middle of the road pointing the gun at me. This scene happened at least twice – one time with my family in the car. I bent down/told everyone to get down. The girl started shooting, sending tempered and safety glass onto me/us and bullets went through the head rests, tearing them apart. It sent the interior yellow foam flying and frayed the fabric.

Without looking, I slammed on the gas pedal and ran into the girl as hard as I could. In both scenes, the girl bounced off the hood and over the top of the car. I kept driving.

It went back to being just me and I remember the windshield only having some glass along the edges and parts were bent/moving with the wind. It was a decent night out and only a few sprinkles, so I shrugged at the situation and relaxed as I drove as if everything was ordinary.

I remember a small scene where I felt it was too dark and tried to turn on my brights.

One of the iterations had a scene where I stopped and let some girl in an oversized blue sweatshirt walk across the street.

Eventually, I ended up somewhere that had tall shelving with game systems with green lights. (Dream green!) The wall of the area was painted black. I think there was an old CRT TV/Monitor on a high shelf. I remember it was connected to a dream game I was playing, but I was disappointed because the dream game was only three levels and I had already played them all and knew what to expect.

I remember looking at the area and picturing a “crew” building the area. It wasn’t the first like that – it was built as part of a job of some sort. I remember thinking about just going home and how weird it was that I had this small place to randomly go at night and play games. I reached over and grabbed a PS3 controller and woke up.

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