Climbing, I Hate Drawing, and Place on High Street


I remember going someplace to climb an outdoor “course” of some sort. There were areas of steep grassy hills, walls of ivy, huge vines, etc. It even went through houses that served as pit stops. Most of the climb was vertical and I enjoyed the activity.

There was a group of guys there and they had climbing equipment. I think I was free climbing it all. I remember being competitive and wanting to reach the top first.

At the first house, part way up, I remember hitting a snag. Some furniture was moved and without equipment or help, I was too short and couldn’t reach the hole/trap door in the ceiling I needed to get through. I remember asking the woman in charge of the place if she could move furniture or go up and drop a rope, etc. While waiting, I think I remember drinking orange juice in the kitchen. I saw the group of guys resting in their harnesses chatting.

One guy appeared about 5-10 years older than me and the others were listening to him talk about UFOs, superpowers, ghosts, etc. I thought it was cool because he sounded like a half-believer (half-skeptic, half-open to possibilities). I remember then getting frustrated because they were “winning” the competition I had going in my head.

I walked/climbed out the back door and found a wooden staircase to my left. I told the caretaker to forget the furniture and the rope and climbed the stairs.

I don’t remember the rest of the dream, but there was something about a daisy with too many petals. I remember watching a movie on Netflix the day before about Alan Turing and wondered if the numbers of the petals really were a Fibonacci number.

I Hate Drawing

This was a weird one because it was from a perspective of a straight male, but I kept acting like my straight female (waking) self.

I was in some kind of art class in a one-story college/school of some sort. I remember the building being crowded. The male character was at a further back desk (in waking life, I choose the front row 95 percent of the time), but unlike me, the male character was taller and could see over other students. He sat back there, though, because of some blond chick that he wasn’t crazy about, but he went on a date with her after she asked him out.

The teacher, that looked like a teacher I had in waking life at Ohio State, gave an assignment. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it had something to do with animation and the example had a purple cat with a long zig-zag tail and a ball rolling down each tier.

At the end, the male character went up to stand in line to ask the teacher a question and the blond chick stayed behind to walk out with him.

Just as the male character got to speak to the teacher, some loud bitch (bigger boned, fuller brown hair with curls) kept shouting over him and he said, “I guess she has a more important question…” and let her come up and talk to the teacher. The teacher and the loud bitch spoke as they walked toward the door. Just before the teacher left, the male main character (and more of my character) ran up and blocked the door saying he needed to ask some questions. He basically clarified the assignment – the art and art statement (called something else) was due tomorrow or maybe a week from tomorrow.

He explained to the blond chick that he used to take classes where he had to produce a product (website, marketing campaign, game, etc.) each week. It was stressful and he hated drawing.

After going outside, the girl grabbed his arm as if they were in a relationship. He thought how he wouldn’t normally choose a girl like her (he preferred brown-haired average-weight girls and she was blond, tall, and lanky), but they DID go on a date and it’s nice to have someone.

He looked at a part of the yard with bushes and tall grass. There were butterflies and grasshoppers. He wanted to impress her and tried to move the grass so they’d all fly away at once like a flock of birds. It didn’t work. The butterflies only moved to another blade of grass and the grasshoppers stayed in place. There were larger locus-like bugs and he said aloud they were cicadas, but he kept mispronouncing it as “sic-CADE-dee-ahs.”

High Street

Now that I’m awake, I don’t think it was High Street in Columbus, but it was a main street with shops and restaurants and a college nearby. I remember having a place near 20th Avenue. I also remember walking at night along the street – it was on a steep hill.

There were many times where I felt I realized I was traveling in the wrong direction. I took a bus one day and it didn’t go south of Eighth Avenue and I found out I was on the 18, not the 8. The woman bus driver was a nice mother-like person with a southern accent.

I remember a weird scene where she led me up a hill in front of some apartments and the bus went on down the road and she ran after it. I thought it was weird because who thought they could catch up with a bus? It ended up running up a curb and onto a sidewalk.

There was a scene in this dream about a TV series or movie and I don’t remember the details because I said it already existed. All I remember is some guy that looked like Donald Glover playing one of the main parts. His character wanted to be a record producer and people thought he couldn’t be one because he was in a wheelchair. He’d always have giant headphones on.

I remember he was supposed to be part of an ensemble of people no one thought would succeed because of some small personality or physical trait, but they all secretly had other talents (I can’t remember if they were computer/spy related or science fiction powers) and would fix, rescue, etc. things without anyone knowing it was them.

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