Cruise Ship

I remember most, if not all, of the dream being on a cruise ship. It was fancy with dim lighting and some candlelight in many of the dining rooms.

I’ve never been on a cruise in waking life, so my dream seemed weird. I remember exploring the dining areas and there was also a part with maroon carpeted steps and a bronze railing. I was wearing an old-fashioned dress for some reason. (Later on, I remember finding a “Wild West” section built to look like the Wild West, so that might have been why.)

I remember hiding my room key in a plant because I didn’t want to carry it. It was an old key with an engraved bronze tag.

There was a part where I didn’t want to keep walking in the uncomfortable dress shoes I had on, but I really wanted to explore one of the levels. I went exploring and found a hockey rink area and there were even signs telling guests not to enter the rink due to slipping risk. However, it wasn’t ice hockey because the puck was a ball. I remember almost getting hit with the ball and one of the guys playing knew me and said something like, “Close one!” and even said my name as if he knew me.

At one part, a character that reminded me of a past classmate from OSU kept bumping into me and telling me about the cool stuff like free room service and how you don’t have to pay for any of the food or drinks.

Eventually, I ended back up on the original level and looked for my key. I found a ton of other people’s keys – apparently no one wanted to carry them because I kept finding them in cushions of a beige couch near the plants. I think it was in a poker room or casino part.

There was a tall, military-looking (body type-wise and how he moved) guy there in casual clothes that talked to me. I think he found my key, used it to look through my room, and rehid the key. I remember him telling me that the lock on my door was easily breakable and the key isn’t really needed. I didn’t care that he broke in the room – I’m not stupid enough to take valuables with me, know how easy it is to pick/break locks, and the guy didn’t take anything. I think he broke the lock to see if he could.

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