I remember hiding in a house similar to the one I live in during waking life. I can’t remember who I was hiding from. There was a scene where a purple circular tablet thing was in my food in my fridge. A friend found it and I took it and looked at it. I threw it on the ground before it exploded. It wasn’t a big explosion, but it would have numbed my hand and possibly be fatal if I swallowed it.

The blinds are like the ones in my house in waking life where they don’t cover the whole window. A person in the house trying to help me hide put t-shirts up as curtains (this referenced my friend who did this and his wife posted it to FB), however, it didn’t cover the entire window. I remember looking through the open areas and seeing a group of guys in uniform busting into a neighbor’s house looking-for-the-Boston-Bomber style. They had weird large helmets with “MP” on the front. I thought they were looking for me.

I rushed to another room where there was another set of MPs, but they didn’t seem interested in me so I assumed they weren’t after me. I found Tim* on an old cordless phone and I kept trying to tell him about the other MPs and he kept turning away to talk on the phone.

In another part, some “agent” that was helping me out came by before a formal inspection of some sort. There was plaster, plastic from a Muscle Milk cap, and other messy stuff on the floor. She told me I’d need to clean before the inspection. I thought I could easily sweep it all into a dustpan so I said it was no problem.

Later, my upstairs neighbors and their friend who, in waking life, I never got his name, so I call him the “Blond Raven” came down for my birthday party. The girl gave me weird meat – I think it was rotten. The guy and the Blond Raven helped bake pumpkin muffins. I got frustrated afterward because I still didn’t know the Blond Raven’s name.

There was another scene that took place in a rural town where I was telling some guy about how I have always had issues with seeing distance. I can see depth, but my brain likes to compress depth, making it flatter the farther something is. It creates issues with hills because the hill looks taller and steeper than it really is when I look at it head on.

I also remember a scene in a cafe and I had a towel over my head. A staff member saw me and said, “Heather, right?” and then named off something this “Heather” would order. All I can remember is lemonade. I was in a weird mood and corrected her and said, “Everyone keeps calling me Heather, I should change my name.”

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